Long time, no update

Back in Autumn 2010 I got very into running and neglected this blog shamefully. Over the winter the running stopped and I spent a lot of time writing – just not on the blog. So now it is mid-March, winter is on-again, off-again as is my running. Last week I headed down to Dumfries and Galloway which was one of the few places I hadn’t managed to visit last year. I met up with some members of Galloway Harriers who were keen for a chat despite me not joining in with their training session. The following day I was glad I had saved some energy as my run was punctuated by head winds and sleety showers. It was definitely still winter! I ended up back in Glasgow knowing that I’ll return to Dumfries later this spring to take photos of its beautiful scenery in the sunshine! Despite the weather I did manage to capture a couple of snaps of Glen Trool’s (rather smelly) inhabitants.