10 trail runs by public transport

Inspired by a conversation on Twitter and Steven Fallon’s best Munros by train, I’ve put together my own list of public transport enabled running routes in Scotland (or walking and some are even bike-able!)

Why use public transport? Apart from the obviously lower climate impact than driving a car, using public transport opens up a new world of point-to-point routes. Personally, I find these routes fun to plan and gain a lot of satisfaction in journeying on foot to a different place. Continue reading

Please help to mend our trails

Path Fund-1.jpgI love going into the hills. While my individual footsteps might not make much of an impact, our collective steps add up to a bit of a mess. I also believe I have an additional personal responsibility for causing erosion as the author of a guidebook encouraging people to visit Scottish trails! Path repair and maintenance is important to ensure our hills are protected from erosion and continue to look good not just for my next visit but for the enjoyment of future generations. And this is why I’m donating to the BMC Mend our Mountains campaign. The BMC campaign doesn’t cover Scotland so I am also donating to the National Trust for Scotland Footpath Fund, the Cairngorms Outdoor Access Trust’s Mountain Path Appeal and the John Muir Trust’s Wild Ways Path Fund. Together these four funds are helping to protect some of the places I love most in the world. I know that there are many other good and important causes vying for donations, however, if you value the time you’ve spent in British mountains I strongly encourage you to donate too.