Updates wanted!

Scottish Trail Running will be 5 this year! This is hard for me to believe as in many ways it feels like yesterday when I was running round Scotland researching trails. In other respects those days feel like a lifetime ago (actually they are, two lifetimes to be precise. Since my ‘book baby’ was published I have become a real mum twice over.)

Scottish Trail Running guidebookIn 2009 when I dreamt up the concept for Scottish Trail Running, I had no idea that trail running would become so popular. I loved it, I thought other people would love it, and I’m delighted to see so many people now out running off road, racing in all the new races that have been set up, writing blogs, publishing magazines and even starting trail running festivals (like my good friends Jo and Ryan’s Glasgow Trail Fest, now in its 3rd year!) Obviously most of this is nothing to do with me, although I think (hope!) that Scottish Trail Running has played its part in the trail running boom!

If you are one of the people who owns Scottish Trail Running and have feedback for me this is the time to get in touch! I am revising and updating the book over this summer so if you’ve spotted any errors, omissions, route changes etc. please let me know by getting in touch through the contact page.

Thank you very much! Any feedback is hugely appreciated – I’m going to put the names of everyone who sends in feedback into a hat and one lucky contributor will receive a free copy of the new edition. (If you are one of the people who has already sent in feedback via the website, don’t worry, your name will be included too! I’ll be in touch after the draw to find out your postal address).

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