Winter running? Head to the seaside…

More running! Always a great New Year’s resolution. However, wintry ice and snow can make it difficult to get out on the trails at this time of year. Although we generally think of going to the seaside as a summer activity beaches make a lot of sense for running at this time of year. At sea level and therefore least likely to be snowy; well drained, thus avoiding the thoroughly unpleasant sensation of breaking through thin ice into cold bog or muddy puddles. Yes – beaches are a good place to run right now!

Ice in the sand ripples at Tentsmuir

Ice in the sand ripples at Tentsmuir

The latest issue of Trail Running magazine included Tentsmuir as one of the top 25 places to go trail running in the UK. Why is running at Tentsmuir so great? Many reasons… There is something very special about running on a broad expanse of sandy beach that stretches on and on, seemingly forever. Tentsmuir combines its sandy beach with interestingly twisty paths along the forest’s edge and miles of track through the trees.

There is plenty of wildlife around too. Seeing seals is almost guaranteed as there is a sand bar just offshore where they often haul out of the water to rest. Tentsmuir’s red squirrels are a bit more shy but can often be spotted scampering across the path and escaping up the tree trunks to safety in the tree tops. Winter is a particularly good time to visit as large numbers of seabirds overwinter here. Then again, Tentsmuir is great at any time of year.

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