Publication week round-up

What a week this has been! My author’s copy of Scottish Trail Running arrived on Monday. No longer a mere figment of my imagination
or an electronic image on a computer screen. This is a real book, smelling of freshly printed paper and glue, ready to venture out into the world. It looks fantastic – Pesda Press have done a brilliant job!

On Wednesday, I escaped my desk for a trail run with BBC Out of Doors┬áproducer Helen. After a dreich morning, the weather cheered up at lunchtime and we miraculously managed to stay dry during our run round Mugdock Country Park. Its been a wet November so some of the paths were pretty muddy and I expect that the broadcast will feature some rather squelchy sound effects! Our chat about trail running in Scotland will be broadcast as part of this weekend’s programme. (The 90 minute BBC Out of Doors programme is broadcast on Saturdays at 06:30 and repeated on Sundays at 11am.)

And today (Friday) an entire box of books arrived.

Photo of Scottish Trail Running books

A whole box of Scottish Trail Running guidebooks!

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