Sunny, sunny Norway

‘You are very lucky.’ We heard that so many times during our fortnight north of the Arctic Circle. ‘But isn’t it always this sunny in Norway?’ we would ask ingenuously. Apparently not. Apparently two weeks of glorious sunshine in the Troms and Lyngen region are not quite unheard of but definitely exceptional. We got lucky!

Skiing from summit to sea with a view of the northern end of the Lyngen peninsula

And our luck wasn’t simply restricted to the weather. It started several weeks before we left when friends received the keys to their newly purchased hytte… just in time for us to go and stay there. A more idyllic location can hardly be imagined: just above the shore with its own boathouse and a view across the fjord to the sharp, snowy peaks of the Lyngen Alps. Nice!

Another major piece of luck was accidentally visiting Norway on Norway Day. Each year on the 17th May Norwegians have a national holiday to celebrate their independence. Parades, marching bands, parties… it is a fantastic celebration that absolutely everybody gets involved with. Even random tourists who knew nothing about it beforehand! Everyone we met during the trip was incredibly friendly and on Norway Day their hospitality surpassed anything the four of us could have possibly imagined. Being invited into people’s homes for celebratory coffee and cake was way beyond mere hospitality – it made our holiday!

And we did go skiing… lots of skiing… as well as some impressive mountain flying by Tim. There are more photos and video from the trip online:

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