Bring on British Summertime

Normally my car boot is full to the gunnels as I subscribe to the ‘everything plus the kitchen sink’ school of packing. When I set off last Monday I was forced to be rather more compact.  This time around the car boot space needed to be shared with someone else’s rucksack. My friend Ellie had foolhardily agreed to join me on my latest running roadtrip. We headed up to Perthshire and set off from Aberfeldy both feeling tired from our weekend exploits. In Ellie’s case the elation of achieving a half marathon PB was subsiding into realisation of the inevitable post-race stiffness. As for me, I was wondering why I had ever thought it would be a good idea to go running the day after a three day ski mountaineering weekend. I was soon back on familiar ground as to our surprise the snow hadn’t yet melted from the track under the trees.

Snowy hills from the Rob Roy Way

Snow has an insidious ability to sneak into shoes and we squelched our way down through the Birks of Aberfeldy back to the car. Next stop was Manny and Brenda’s in Kingussie. The following day turned out to be a day of two lochs. A trot round Loch Gynack in the morning with Manny was followed by a (very) brisk walk round Loch an Eilein in the afternoon with Brenda and Maisy.

Babies run too!

An appreciation of natural beauty seems to be something that comes with age. Maisy slept the entire way round the loch despite, or perhaps because of, the jolting of her buggy over tree roots and through puddles. The all terrain buggy is quite an impressive invention! By the time we got back to Inverdruie it was a glorious sunny evening. Spring is definitely here and I can’t wait for the clocks to go forward so that we get even longer evenings – bring on British Summertime!

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